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An EP Manifesto
Love Jupiter -1967
Why release an EP? It’s a relic, you say, an artifact from a bygone era when bands made money releasing singles and B-sides and Long Players and concept albums. That’s probably all correct.
But for Love Jupiter, EPs represent some of the most exciting music released by our favorite artists. Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Pixies, Cocteau Twins, The Fall, Fugazi, My Bloody Valentine. They’ve all released seminal, and hugely influential, EPs.

Tidy, neat, compact. EPs are distilled storylines or musical departures, or completely new directions - or all of the above. And, in this age of truncated attention spans, the EP is a perfect release for our times. They serve as a signal from an artist to their fans. “Stay with us, we’re creating. Here’s a teaser.” EPs can approach perfection in ways an album can only aspire. As fans of EPs, we love all of these things.

The EP 1967 is a continuation of a narrative that befell several men inhabiting Love Jupiter’s debut album (Love Jupiter), but it’s the story of one man - The Man in Flames - a ghost tied to this earth as he traverses time and space on a mission to reunite with his beloved. Dare we say, it’s a concept EP.

Witness the opening tune, Andrea Doria, as our Man stands helpless, his beloved trapped on a sinking ship. Fast forward to 1989 Berlin in I Can’t Touch You as the walls come crumbling down, a haunting tease to lover and beloved. In Castle (a flashback to his medieval death), our Man is betrayed by his own men and forced to fall on his sword. Following a tranquil melody, he floats over his body and the home of his wife and kids, surprised by the ease with which he dies for what he believes. And, in the quasi-title track Boom! (1967), our antagonist inhabits a dissonant world of foment, self-discovery, violence and beauty in April 1967 as he witnesses the coup d’état in Greece. Love a Man, in conclusion, is the apotheosis and expression of the Man in Flames realizing that love for mankind, not just one woman, will be his liberation from the chains of the Earthbound.

Tidy, neat, and compact, 1967 is a distilled storyline, an artifact from a bygone era, and a perfect release for our times.
Stay with us, we’re creating.
Love, Jupiter


released April 21, 2014



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Love Jupiter New York, New York

Brooklyn-based indie rock four-piece Love Jupiter calls its powerful, haunting sound ‘Heavy Beautiful’.

Taking its turn on prog-rock idiom, Love Jupiter influences span decades. Alice (pick one), Fugazi, Cave. Their music is a sonic representation of the fraught journey of the protagonist man and the woman who loves him. Rock reinvigorated.
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